WWWinamp is a simple web server-like application that allows remote control of Winamp via any web browser. WWWinamp manages a database of files and/or URLs that can be queued into a running Winamp.

WWWinamp supports most standard web browsers, and includes a special mode (that conserves bandwidth and screen space) for Windows CE devices.

WWWinamp supports two optional levels of password protection. The first level lets you control who can search the database and queue files, and the second lets you control who can do things like remove files from the queue, pause playback, and so on.


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Current version: 2.5d (9/4/01)
Download: wwwinamp25d.exe

version history

v2.5d (9/4/01)
v2.5c (8/21/01)
v2.0 - ca. 1999
v1.0 - ca. 1998